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30 Years Serving Alaska


Christmas Tree Elegance/Victims Memorial Tree  Reception, Nov. 6th, 12-2pm

Ace of Hearts Gala, Saturday December 3rd, 6-midnight

Join us Nov. 6th to place an ornament in memory of your loved one on our Victims Memorial Tree. We will also be opening the Christmas Tree Elegance Raffle- take your chance on winning one of 8 trees while supporting survivors of abuse and victims of violent crimes.  Click here for more information and to purchase tickets for the Gala!                           

Paint Nite is BACK! 

Come join us once again for an evening of fun, food, drinks and of course painting!  You will learn how to paint this amazing fall scene, step by step.  A portion of your ticket price is donated to Victims for Justice to support all of our programs! Click here to buy your tickets!            

Pieces of Me, by Lizbeth Meredith

Author Lizbeth Meredith went through hell after the kidnapping of her children by her husband.  This book documents her struggle to get her children back to the US.  She is donating  portion of her proceeds to many deserving nonprofits, including us during Domestic Violence Action Month.  Join us October 8th (2-5) at Fireside Books and Dec. 2nd (5-8) at Sara's Gift Cache.

Serving Victims Since 1985

Victims for Justice was founded in 1985 following the loss of Janice Leinhart and Sharon Nahorney's parents and their aunt who were brutally mudered during a home invasion.  Following the murder, a hearing was held to waive all charges.  The hearing was closed to the public, denying all rights of the family to defend their lost loved ones.  Directly following the hearing, Lienhart and Nahorney aggressively fought in the victims' rights movement in Alaska.  They wanted to create a place where victims of violent crime could get professional assistance while also coping with their grief and trauma.  

Who we Help

We serve and advocate for victims of all violent crimes; including assault, arson, robbery, kidnapping, elder abuse, child abuse, bullying, hate crimes, and drunk driving. We also help surviving family and friends of homicide victims.

Our Services

Our services are free of charge, but donations are always welcome and needed.

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Financial Assistance
  • Grief Support 
  • Violent Crime Compensation Board Application Assistance
  • Court Advocacy and Accompaniment
  • Education Regarding the Criminal Justice Process
  • Referrals
  • Remembrance Ceremonies
  • Eva Program
  • Courage through Canines